Action Plan -  In house

Colormatching- In House 

Coat Suppliers Auditory - In house 

Painting Process Auditory - In house 

Support on Line Message, e-mails, metting

Quality Results Optimizations- In house

New color approval validation -In house 

Courses and Trainings - Professional specialization

Reduction Paint Consumption- In House 

Bumpers and Small parts  Supplier - In house 

Costumer Correlation - Color reproduction and stability on costumers 

Projects support - Consumtion reduction,results garantee Robots programation

Developments  Stabilize processes,  products, equipment, defining standard deviations

New programs implementation Support Custumer try out validation, process validation

Automation of conventional to automatic processesRaising the level of quality of products, reducing consumption, reducing labor, optimizing margins 





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